How to determine the quality of lumber

How to determine the quality of lumber

Lumber is a universal product that is actively used in almost all areas of construction. The high demand also determines a wide range of products offered on the market. It is presented in an abundance of options, shapes, and types. Choosing in all the variety of wood products that are suitable for your purposes, each customer asks a logical question - how to determine their quality? In order not to get lost among the wide range of different boards, beams, logs, other finishing materials, and environmentally friendly fuels, you should pay attention to several points.

The main criteria for choosing quality building materials from the wood

There are some technical characteristics and definitions that characterize the quality of lumber, but not every consumer can understand them without knowing the specific terms. But there are certain criteria based on which each customer can determine whether to buy a product offered by different manufacturers. One of the most important among them is the species of wood used for production. The lumber prices also depend on it. The most common are the following species of wood:

  • Pine is a multipurpose raw material with a small specific weight. It is easy to handle and also contains wood resins. The authenticity of pine products is indicated by the high level of resinous material. It can also be determined by the denser structure of wood fibers, in contrast to spruce lumber.
  • Spruce is one of the most affordable materials, as prices for lumber made of this wood are more democratic and affordable for every developer. To ensure high-quality spruce lumber, you should pay attention to the level of drying, as well as the treatment of finished products with special antiseptics.
  • Birch is a species that occupies the second position in terms of demand and is perfect for imitating different types of surfaces. A characteristic feature is the ability to bend easily. In addition, it is easy to paint, which makes it a versatile and easy-to-use material.

In addition, in the process of choosing high-quality lumber, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • the presence of cracks and other types of damage to the surface of the wood, which indicate the low quality of the offered goods;
  • knots and growths that significantly complicate the processing of such materials;
  • determination of the degree of curvature using the radial direction of the fibers.

In addition, experts advise requesting a quality certificate for sawn timber, which indicates all the information necessary for the consumer and contains the main characteristics of the goods.

Exceptionally high-quality products from the Resursles company

To buy lumber that meets world quality standards, you can contact Resursles. The company offers certified products, and manufactured pellets must undergo laboratory tests.

You have the opportunity to easily buy several types of lumber and other products directly from the manufacturer:

  • fuel pellets;
  • construction beam;
  • high-quality firewood;
  • pallet blanks;
  • sawdust and wood chips.

Thanks to equipping the production with the best European equipment, the company provides maximum quality indicators of finished Resursles products. The relevant certificate testifies to the environmentally responsible approach to manufacturing in the company.

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