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Aspiring to the responsible relation to forest wood resources, professing the principle of social and ethic marketing

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We care about delivery of our product to customer according to schedule and in best condition


Delivery within Ukraine is run 24/7. To ensure timely delivery we made sure that we have sufficient number and necessary types of trucks.


All products that are delivered abroad are kiln dried and treated with antiseptic material to ensure that it will arrive to customer in best quality condition.


The Resursles company is a manufacturer and exporter of sawn timber and pine fuel pellets — products of wood processing. Since 2011 we have been producing various types of sawn timber and provide delivery both in Ukraine (more than 80 clients from different regions) and all over the world (over 50 clients from Japan, China, Poland, the United Arab Emirates and other countries). Many customers, having evaluated the quality of the materials of Resursles company, become our regular customers. The monthly production capacity of our company reaches more than 1500 cubic meters of sawn timber.

We produce about 20 types of different types of woodworking products. Among them:

  • fuel pellets (cylindrical granule that are used as biofuel);
  • pallet blank (specially processed plank for the production of pallets, boxes, etc.);
  • wooden beam (made by sawing whole trunks with a width and thickness of at least 100 mm and is used, in particular, in construction);
  • chips (used as biofuel for solid fuel boilers) and sawdust (used for winterization and isolation, as well as for fertilizers in the agricultural area);
  • firewood (used as solid fuel for heating).

During production of lumber, we use raw materials that grew only in ecologically clean areas. Each batch of produced material undergoes special laboratory analysis. Resursles employees control the production process of pellets and other types of sawn timber at all stages. Our lumber has precise geometry and meets DSTU (National Standard of Ukraine) and international quality standards (in particular, we have the FSC® certificate (FSC-C136472)).

The Resursles company adheres to the principle of waste-free production. It means that from wood which can no longer be used for its purpose, we make pellets and chips. Also, during production, the company consumes alternative heat and electricity.

The lumber warehouse uses production lines of the Polish-German company Walter. They give an opportunity to process a large number of orders. In order to deliver lumber in the shortest possible time, we have our own modern car park, which works around the clock. When delivering orders abroad, products are subjected to chamber drying and treatment with a transport antiseptic. It allows to prevent damage to the lumber during delivery.


When ordering lumber from Resursles manufacturer, you get excellent quality at an optimal cost.


What is the minimum purchase volume of lumber in your company?

Lumber of any species of wood in our warehouse are sold from one position (boards, pieces, kg, etc.), depending on the unit of account value of the goods.

Do you have delivery to other cities?

Shipment to another city or region is carried out on a general basis, approval of the application, payment, paperwork, shipment-pickup.

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