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Wood chips and sawdust are the types of wood shavings. They are popular in many industries due to the following characteristics:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • have low density and a pleasant smell;
  • provide low thermal conductivity;

Wood chips are one of the most profitable materials for heating. Fine wood chips are used as animal bedding and a filter for biochemical purification of water from resinous and oily products, as well as paper, cardboard and plywood are made from it.

Smoking chips are especially popular. Thanks to the wood chips, the dishes acquire a good golden-brown color and a rich tart aroma.

Sawdust, like wood chips, has a wide range of applications, especially in agriculture. After all, sawdust contains a large amount of nutrients. The process of rotting, which occurs with it in the soil, releases carbon, which activates the beneficial microflora for plants.

But where to find quality wood materials? Resurslis, a leading manufacturer and supplier of lumber for Ukrainian and international companies, will help you with this. One of the distinctive features of Resurslis is the environmentally responsible approach to the production of materials, confirmed by the FSC® certificate (FSC-C136472).

In addition to wood chips and sawdust, there are presented:

  • fuel pellets;
  • construction beam;
  • firewood;
  • pallet boards.

All products have guaranteed high quality and optimal price.

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What is the minimum purchase volume of lumber in your company?

Lumber of any species of wood in our warehouse are sold from one position (boards, pieces, kg, etc.), depending on the unit of account value of the goods.

Do you have delivery to other cities?

Shipment to another city or region is carried out on a general basis, approval of the application, payment, paperwork, shipment-pickup.

Do you have quality certificates?

To date, the products presented in the store are FSC® certified (FSC-C136472)

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