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Firewood has a wide range of use but most often it is used for heating. Despite the existence of different sources of heating, many still order firewood. With their help, they kindle a fireplace, create an incredibly cozy atmosphere in the house and heat the bathhouse.

Firewood is obtained from different tree species, among the most popular:

  • Oak. They have high hardness, therefore they burn for a long time and give a lot of heat. They have a pleasant woody scent as well.
  • Birch. They are inferior to oak in terms of hardness and heat transfer but at the same time they are cheaper and easier to ignite. Like oak, they have a pleasant aroma.
  • Alder. They are similar in quality to birch but do not contain resin, therefore they are considered as the purest.
  • Pine and spruce. The most common type of firewood used for heating houses and baths. They crack easily, burn well and for a long time.
  • Aspen. They are not characterized by high heat transfer but at the same time they can clean the resins that accumulate from other types of firewood.

But where can you get quality firewood? Contact Resurslis — a leading manufacturer and supplier of sawn timber for Ukrainian and international companies.

Resurslis stands out favorably against the background of competitors thanks to an environmentally friendly approach to production. The company adheres to the practice of waste-free production, for example, from wood that cannot be used for its intended purpose, they make pellets or chips.

In addition to firewood, among the assortment of Resurslis are chips and sawdust, fuel pellets, construction timber, pallet blanks. All products are of high quality, which is confirmed by special laboratory analyzes.

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What is the minimum purchase volume of lumber in your company?

Lumber of any species of wood in our warehouse are sold from one position (boards, pieces, kg, etc.), depending on the unit of account value of the goods.

Do you have delivery to other cities?

Shipment to another city or region is carried out on a general basis, approval of the application, payment, paperwork, shipment-pickup.

Do you have quality certificates?

To date, the products presented in the store are FSC® certified (FSC-C136472)

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