Almost 20 types of sawn timber: blocks, boards and planks for various purposes and different sizes.

Pallet boards are used in manufacturing of pallets.

Every delivered batch of sawn timber is tested in laboratory and meets international quality standards.

Pallet blanks are wooden boards of a certain size, designed for the manufacture of pallets and trays, popular packaging all over the world for the safe transportation and storage of cargo....

Construction blocks as well as other products, are sawn from pine wood and other species of wood from ecologically clean regions.

Wood chips are used as renewable fuel for heat and/or electricity manufacturing boilers. Our wood drying kilns are also equipped with boilers running on wood chips.

Pellets (granules) - ecologically clean fuel, which is used to generate heat and electricity. It is a cost effective solution to your needs.
The pellets have a high calorific value, low ash content and low moisture content.

Also we have separate production line for firewood which is usually used as an energy source for house heating or for fireplaces.

EU quality standards

The warehouse store offers a wide range of edged lumber made from various types of high quality wood. The products presented in the store are FSC® certified (FSC-C136472), which demonstrates the company's ecologically responsible approach to materials' production. For the production of lumber Resursles uses wood, which grew exclusively in ecologically clean areas. In addition, each batch of material additionally undergoes laboratory analysis to confirm the conformity of products to world quality standards.

The production of the company is equipped with the best European equipment, which allows it to achieve maximum indicators of product quality.  Each month Resursles produces more than 1,500 cubic meters of sawn timber and more than 20 types of products.

You can buy:

  • Fuel pellets. Environmentally friendly fuel with a high calorific value will allow you to achieve the desired result, because it is produced from our own raw materials, which guarantees high quality;
  • Wooden beam. In the store you can buy a wooden beam of desired size from pine and other types of wood;
  • Firewood. High-quality material is made using modern German equipment, which makes it an efficient and profitable solid fuel for heating premises for various purposes and scales;
  • Pallet board. The assortment of the store includes boards made of various types of wood. The company offers a large selection of blank sizes, thereby providing an opportunity to buy pellets that will satisfy your user needs as much as possible;
  • Sawdust and wood chips. The demand for these materials continues to grow. Chips are actively used as biofuel for boilers that produce heat and electricity. Sawdust is popular not only among builders but also among farmers who use it for fertilization in agriculture.

The company unites highly qualified specialists, who with the help of modern equipment, ensure compliance with all technological standards at every stage of production. Resursles carries out waste-free production, processing all cod trimmings into pellets, which have become a popular alternative fuel in Ukraine and in the world. The company's products are chosen by dozens of Ukrainian and foreign clients who seek to buy lumber of guaranteed high quality at an affordable price.

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