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Fuel pellets are modern ecological biofuels that are actively used to produce heat and energy. Pellets for heating are made from wood waste, which is passed through a special press. The influence of high pressure and temperature allows obtaining the loosest form of the material. This type of fuel is safe because it does not contain any impurities. It is possible to maintain the required form thanks to the natural resin contained in the tree.

One of the undeniable advantages of this type of biofuel is its high calorific value and low humidity. Due to these properties, the granules are quickly ignited and retain heat for a long time. Wood pellets for the boiler are suitable for use for both domestic and industrial purposes. Especially convenient is the ability to automate heating by installing an automatic pellets feeder from the tank to the boiler.

Due to the lightness and compact size of the pellets, it is convenient to organize both transportation and subsequent storage of the material. In addition, they are a cost-effective solution for heating rooms of different sizes and purposes. Given these and other benefits, fuel pellets have remained the most popular fuel in Europe for many years. It is important to remember that to use pellets need to install specialized boilers.

Buy high-quality pellets offers RESURSLIS — a company that since 2011 maintains a strong position in the market of Ukraine and other countries. The company works with wood grown exclusively in environmentally friendly areas of the country. In the process of producing pellets, RESURSLIS uses only its raw materials. This approach guarantees consistently high quality of our product. The diameter of the pellets from the manufacturer is 6-8 mm, humidity — up to 12%, and ash content — up to 0.7%.

Each batch of manufactured material additionally undergoes laboratory tests to confirm the quality and compliance of products with world standards.

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What is the minimum purchase volume of lumber in your company?

Lumber of any species of wood in our warehouse are sold from one position (boards, pieces, kg, etc.), depending on the unit of account value of the goods.

Do you have delivery to other cities?

Shipment to another city or region is carried out on a general basis, approval of the application, payment, paperwork, shipment-pickup.

Do you have quality certificates?

To date, the products presented in the store are FSC® certified (FSC-C136472)

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