How to choose the best fuel pellets

How to choose the best fuel pellets

Recently in Ukraine, there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly and inexpensive fuel — pellets. Although a little late, the using pellets trend came to our country from Europe and America. They appreciated the benefits of wood pellets in the second half of the last century. Let's find out what fuel pellets are of interest to the consumer and what you need to know to choose quality pellets.

Characteristics of pellets

Pellets are biofuels that can be obtained from peat, waste from sawmills and agriculture. They have the shape of a cylinder with a length of 5-70 millimeters.

Advantages of wood pellets for heating:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • don't cause an allergic reaction in humans;
  • low tendency to spontaneous combustion;
  • high dryness;
  • high density;
  • high calorific value compared to wood chips and firewood;
  • low humidity.

What to look for when buying pellets

Fuel quality significantly affects the proper functioning of all types of heat generators. It also applies to pellet boilers. Thus, low-quality wood pellets accelerate the wear of the heat exchanger. Therefore, the purchase of this fuel should be treated responsibly. When choosing wood pellets, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Type of raw material. Fuel pellets can be made from different materials that are waste from woodworking companies or the agricultural industry. However, the best option for domestic solid fuel boilers is wood pellets made of pine without impurities. Coniferous wood has polymer lignin, which in the production process helps to combine raw materials into pellets. At the same time, don't buy pellets that contain chemical adhesives — they will emit toxic substances during combustion.
  • The percentage of ash content. The operation of the boiler and the rate of plaque formation on the walls will depend on it. Thus, with the high ash content of granules, the heat generator will often have to be turned off, cooled, and cleaned.
  • Humidity. If the fuel pellet has a high humidity (over 12%), the pellets will soon break and grind.
  • Calorific value. This indicator determines how much wood pellets will emit heat during combustion. Thus, the quality of granules has a calorific value exceeding 4200 kcal/kg.
  • Appearance. High-quality fuel pellets have a shiny and smooth surface without any cracks. It indicates the correct process of production of granules. The fuel pellets must also have the same shape and size.
  • The diameter of the granules. Most often, the diameter of standard pellets is from 6 to 8 millimeters. However, before buying this type of fuel, study the documentation of your boiler - it contains the optimal type and diameter of wood pellets for the heater.

Fuel pellets produced by Resurslis

Resurslis has been manufacturing wood pellets since 2011. For the production of fuel pellets, the company uses high-quality pine wood without any impurities and additives. The diameter of the granules is 6-8 mm, ash content - 0.7%, and the moisture content does not exceed 12%. Delivery of fuel pellets is carried out both across Ukraine and to any country of the world. The company packs pellets in bags of 15 kg or a big bag of 1 ton.

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