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Aspiring to the responsible relation to forest wood resources, professing the principle of social and ethic marketing, «Resurslis» LLCreports about preparation for certification of a chain of receipt of production according to FSC scheme. Agreeing with the FSC principles, our company approved the «FSC Principles Commitment Declaration».

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نحن نعمل على ان منتوجاتنا تصل اليكم في اجود انواعها.


تسليم منتوجاتنا داخل اوكرانيا يتم طوال الاسبوع من دون عطل و نعمل 24 ساعة في اليوم: و يخدمنا في ذلك اسطول سيارات حديثة و مجهزة للقيام بهذا العمل بشكل جيد.


و كل المنتوجات التي يتم تصديرها تمر عن طريق غرفة التجفيف و يتم تطهير و تجهيز السيارة الناقلة من اجل ان تصل منتوجاتنا الى العميل او المشتري في افضل حال.


Resources is a manufacturer and exporter of lumber and fuel pellets from pine - wood processing products. We have been manufacturing various types of lumber since 2011 and supply both in Ukraine (more than 80 customers from different regions) and around the world (more than 50 customers from Japan, China, Poland, UAE and other countries). Many customers, evaluating the quality of Resource's materials, become our regular customers. Every month the production capacity of our enterprise reaches more than 1500 cubic meters of lumber.

We produce about 20 kinds of different kinds of woodworking products. Including:

  • fuel pellets (cylindrical pellets used as biofuel);
  • pellet billet (specially treated board for the production of pallets, boxes, etc.);
  • construction wooden beam (made by sawing solid trunks with a width and thickness of not less than 100 mm and used, in particular, in construction);
  • wood chips (used as biofuel for solid fuel boilers) and sawdust (used for insulation and insulation, as well as for fertilizers in agriculture);
  • firewood (used as a solid fuel for heating).

In the production of lumber, we use raw materials grown only in environmentally friendly areas. Each batch of manufactured material undergoes special laboratory tests. Resource specialists control the production of pellets and other types of lumber at all stages. Our lumber has a precise geometry and meets Ukrainian (DSTU) and world quality standards (in particular, we have an FSC® certificate (FSC-C136472)).

Resources adheres to the principle of waste-free production. That is, we make pellets and wood chips from wood that can no longer be used for its intended purpose.

The company also consumes alternative heat and electricity during production.

Production lines of the Polish-German company Walter are used in the lumber warehouse. They allow you to process a large number of orders. In order for lumber to be delivered in the shortest possible time, we have our own modern car fleet, which works around the clock. When delivering orders abroad, the products are subjected to chamber drying and treatment with a transport antiseptic.

This prevents damage to the lumber during delivery. Ordering lumber from the manufacturer Resources, you get excellent quality at the best price.


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