Well established production process is the mirror of any woodworking company’s reputation. Production process of Resurslis is designed in accordance to the latest international standards and consists of a number of stages:

Acceptance of raw material
Processing of logs
Kiln dry
Product cooling
Final important stages of quality production

Product sorting

This process allows us to separate for you only the best quality product according to your order specification. After kiln dry we cut all knots, that might escaped previous visual checks, once again product’s dimensions are checked and product is sorted into 1st and 3rd grades. Third grade timber is used for single use pallets and 1st grade is used for multiple use quality pallets.

Stacking, packaging and marking

Another equally important stage of our production process consists of preparing of product for delivery and of final stage of internal paperwork on product. According to customer’s requirements product can be specially marked or packed in accordance to customer’s specification or special requirements for delivery, locally or for export. Local delivery within Ukraine is done with our own trucks that make logistics process faster and more efficient.

Product delivery

Product delivery is a final stage of production process. One 40ft container can be loaded with 40+ cubic meters of timber within two hours. Loading is always performed under supervision of our specialist, and if necessary in presence of buyer’s representative.

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